Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley is a certified tobacconist, bartender, and responsible vending expert.

Gainesville resident Cory Carnley is a Florida native, tobacconist, and travel writer. He has also worked in the hospitality industry, most notably as a bartender.

He has converted his passion for travel into a business by leveraging his marketing and entrepreneurial skills. He keeps his enthusiasm for excellent cigars and all things tobacco alive throughout his travels.

Writing About Travel

Cory had hoped to take a trip one day. He packed his possessions and headed off on his quest, earning a living via freelance writing and photography. He discovered he strongly desired to travel, particularly within the United States. He started a travel blog where he recorded his travels and how he monetized the site so that he could continue to travel. He's been to 44 of the 50 states and aspires to return to those he has yet to see. The Florida native takes photographs and writes about his trips.

Cory Carnley believes that travel is essential to his goal of lifelong learning. Going to other places broadens and alters his perspective. His love of domestic travel has given him a new appreciation for America, its history, and geography. He motivates others to broaden their horizons and learn new things through travel adventures.

Tobacco Dependence

Carnley smoked a cigar to commemorate his 18th birthday. He had a lovely time and decided to devote his life to studying tobacco and fine cigars.

By research and experimenting, he expanded his knowledge of excellent cigars and cigarillos, "gas station cigarillos," chewing tobacco, cigarettes, dipping tobacco, hookahs, nasal snuff, pipes, and pipe tobacco.

His education qualified him to work as a tobacconist. Tobacconist certifications promote a tremendous enthusiasm for quality cigars, enabling the bearer to help others pick their first cigar and recognize their preferences. Cory Carnley expanded his education to obtain qualifications in bartending and responsible vending because premium cigars are commonly enjoyed with fine wines or liquors.

Advocacy Work

Carnley's affinity for fine cigars drove him to join Cigar Rights of America, a premium cigar industry lobbying organization. The consumer-led association works to protect both customers' rights to enjoy hand-rolled cigars and the rights of manufacturers and growers to produce them. Members are also kept informed about legislative initiatives, new products, events, and information about the best lounges and cigar shops.

Carnley feels that Cigar Rights of America is a vital group and that young adults have an essential part. The greater the number of young people who join, the more influence the organization has on lawmakers and the broader public. He also feels the club offers cigar enthusiasts a unique service, allowing them to connect and discuss their hobbies.

Credentials and Experience in the Profession

Cory Carnley's hobbies have aided him in developing a strong professional portfolio.


Cory utilized his intelligence, hard work, and devotion to transform his passion for domestic travel into a thriving business. He has become a digital marketing specialist by utilizing affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, guest posting, sponsored linking, YouTube videos, and obtaining backlinks through media interviews.

Tobacco and hospitality

Carnley's credentials qualify him for a position at a high-end restaurant that offers luxury cigar experiences and alcoholic beverages. He can provide excellent customer service to seasoned and beginner cigar users due to his tobacconist skills. It also teaches him how to sell cigar accessories and advises customers on skills such as blending and conserving tobacco.

Bartending and ethical vending certificates are added to the tobacconist qualification. Responsible vending refers to alcohol sales policies such as not selling to minors or driving while inebriated. Businesses in Florida that practice responsible vending may be eligible for insurance savings.

Finally, Cory Carnley's ability to become an expert in domestic travel, cigarette, and alcohol sales, based primarily on his knowledge and experience, demonstrates a commitment to always succeed and learn. Drive and ongoing learning are required for success in many industries.

Paying it Forward

Cory contributes to society by freely giving the knowledge he has gained through years of hard work. He enjoys teaching others how to savor fine cigars. He is also keen to share his passion for travel with others, encouraging them to embark on their journeys. Finally, he freely shares his knowledge with his readers on how to turn a passion for travel - or any other hobby - into an online moneymaking business.